And so much more…

One place for all your links

Use School Links to collect all relevant links for your school. In addition, each class has its own link collection where teachers can easily create links to all the digital learning materials they use in the class.

Submissions and Gradebook

Each class has a Submissions App where all submissions are collected. Keep track of your student's progress throughout the year and save time by keeping their grades in the same place as their assignments.

Microsoft Programs Integration

Based on data from your MIS., we create and maintain users and classes in Microsoft Teams and OneNote Class Notebook. You can easily access documents and assignments when using Teams and the Notebooks are just a click away.

Microsoft Office 365 tenant

We can set up your Office 365 tenant and create/licens all your users based on data from your MIS. Users and passwords are updated continuously.

Notice Board

Use School Notice Board to make announcements for the school. Also, each class has its own Notice Board where you can post assignments or other information that are only visible for the students in the class.

GDPR Compliance

You always have full control and ownership of all content that is created and stored in Skolebordet. In other words we provide a solution which ensures that you comply with GDPR and the requirements for processing personal data.